Titanium Industries 2023 Recap: Improved Productivity & Enhanced Processing Capabilities

Titanium Industries closes 2023 With Improved Productivity & Enhanced Processing Capabilities

Titanium Industries closed out our 50th anniversary year in 2022 with much success, and 2023 was even more exciting with new equipment additions in several U.S. facilities. As always, T.I.’s aim for these improvements and investments is to ensure increased productivity and logistic success, which translates to added value for our customers.

Titanium Industries is always a step ahead of the competition when it comes to being able to fulfill our customers’ current and anticipated needs.

Titanium Industries Expansion


New Plate Saw in Plymouth, MI

The new plate saw that arrived in Titanium Industries’ Plymouth, Michigan facility is ready to service all Midwest and central US customers.

New Water Jet Machine in Rockaway, NJ

The new state of the art water jet machine installed in our headquarters in Rockaway, NJ will enhance our cutting capability and capacity.

Rack Expansion in Jacksonville, FL

The expansion of our rack storage system in Jacksonville, Florida has been completed. This enhancement dramatically increases the overall rack capacity in Jacksonville allowing for increased utilization of the space.

It also supports future growth and further expansion of product breadth, not just for the Jacksonville region, but also for the entire T.I. global distribution network.

T.I.’s improvements will ensure increased productivity and logistic success as we continue to strive to stay up to date with the latest metal cutting customization machinery. We will continue to be the go-to, one stop metal supply solution choice while maintaining and updating our facilities to keep up with all our client’s needs.

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