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History of Titanium Industries

Titanium Industries was established in 1972 as a titanium fabricator and distributor when TIMET (titanium mill) sold their Application Development Center. In the mid-1980’s Kamyr (engineering firm) acquired Titanium Industries in an effort to vertically integrate and support their titanium industrial projects. In 1994, Jim Paddock and Oremet (titanium mill) purchased the distribution and wire manufacturing segments of the company. In 1997 Allegheny Technologies (ATI) purchased Oremet’s share of the organization. In 2001 James Paddock acquired the balance of the distribution business from ATI and the company remains privately owned today. Under the guidance of the Paddock family, the company continued to expand it’s approval base, manufacturing capabilities and product offering to include:

2004–Opened a service center facility in Birmingham, UK

2005–Opened a service center facility in Taipei, Taiwan

2006–Service center facility established in Hillsboro, TX

        –Established HPM Division for the distribution of non titanium alloys                                                    (Ni, CoCr, 316, LVM, 15-5, 13-8)

2007–Introduced waterjet cutting capabilities in North America

        –Opened a facility in Bangalore, India

2008–Titanium Industries purchase of GMT Titanium (UK, Norway)

        –Distribution facility opens in Bangalore, India

2009–Implementation of new ERP system

2010–Waterjet cutting capabilities expanded into Europe

2011–Opened a sales office in Seattle, Washington, Shanghai, China & Sao Paulo, Brazil

2012–Distribution facilities opens in Shanghai, China

–Sales office opens in Houston, TX

2013–Purchase of Pierce Spafford Metals

2014-Opened a sales office in Duisburg, Germany

2015-Bonded Warehouse space available in bot Rockaway, NJ and Shanghai, China facilities

        -Opened a service center in Seattle, Washington

        -Expansion of Taiwan to a larger operations facility

        -Pierce Spafford changes names and becomes Titanium Industries, Inc