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Where does titanium come from?

Titanium is found in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, China, Australia, Russia, as well as other countries.Titanium is the 9th most abundant element in the earth’s crust and 4th most abundant metallic element. In its natural state it is generally found as rutile (titanium and oxygen) or illmenite (titanium, oxygen and iron).

Why is titanium used as a material of construction?
– Excellent Corrosion Resistance in oxidizing atmospheres
– Superior Strength -To-Weight Ratios
– Superior Erosion Resistance
– High Heat Transfer Efficiency
– Biocompatible
– Resistant to many types of microbiological influenced corrosion
What are some examples of applications which use titanium?

Jet Engines-Bicycles-Piping Systems-Aircraft Frames-Golf Clubs-Lacrosse Sticks-Artificial Hips & Knees-Automotive Components-Watches-Heart Valves-Jewelry-Wheel Chairs-Pace Makers-Heat Exchangers-Baseball Bats-Dental Implants-Eye Glass Frames-Metal Matrix Composites-Automotive Springs-Automotive Exhaust Systems-Motorcycle Parts-Tools-Race Car Engine Components-Chemical Processing Equipment-Spinal Reconstruction-Maxillofacial Reconstruction-Marine/Shipbuilding Equipment-Systems Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Equipment.

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How do you weld titanium?

Welding titanium is not difficult. It requires adherence to rules of cleanliness and exclusion of reactive gases including air. Welding by means of the TIG process (Tungston Electrode Inert Gas) using Argon gas shielding is most commonly used. When welding commercially pure titanium there is no need to worry about elemental enriched areas as can be the case with stainless steels, nickel alloys and other alloyed metals. Call us for more titanium welding information or for welding instruction.

What are some titanium machining techniques?

Some preferred procedures are recommended; such as sharp tools, rigid set-ups, heavy feeds, slow speeds and an abundance of soluble coolant. Work hardening rate is less than that for stainless steels. Drilling and cold saw cutting require sharp, clean tools with good chip removal and ample coolant.

Where can I find out about or purchase titanium futures?

There is no public futures market, such as London Metal Exchange (LME), for titanium.  Accordingly there is no way to purchase titanium futures.