Water Jet Cutting

Titanium Industries is pleased to offer waterjet cutting capabilities.  This service is available to be performed on our inventory or on a conversion basis.  Our waterjet cutting capabilities are not limited to metal products, but are also available on customer supplied material including, but not limited to, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, stone, etc.

With state of the art equipment strategically located  throughout our worldwide service center network, Titanium Industries can offer a maximum input width of 80″ and a maximum input length of 160″.

The benefits of waterjet cutting included:

  • No heat affected zone where the cut was made
  • No stress added to the material during the cutting process
  • Reduction of secondary machining operations due to precision cutting tolerances
  • Reduction of material consumption due to minimal kerf and utilization of nesting software
  • Ability to cut complex parts
  • Waterjet cutting provides near net shapes providing our customers with cost savings.