Consumer Products – Marine

A perfect environment for titanium to perform is in seawater.  Titanium it at it's best in seawater due to the corrosion resistance of the metal.  Crevice corrosion, pitting, stress corrosion cracking, or microbiologically influenced corrosion  in seawater are not issues when titanium is the material of choice.

Marine applications of titanium include:

  • ship propellers
  • shipboard heat exchangers
  • piping systems
  • ballast systems
  • waste systems
  • tidal zone protection
  • shipboard hardware
  • tie-downs

Titanium is not just used on major commercial/military ships, but it is  found in various applications on fishing boats, deep sea submersibles and submarines.   Titanium has been designed into marine applications when engineers are looking for low maintenance costs and  reduced fuel consumption (due to weight reduction), to go along with the outstanding metallurgical properties associated with the metal.

Products used in this application include:

Bar, Billet, Pipe, Plate, Sheet, Tubing