Aerospace – Military

The US Department of Defense early on recognized titanium as a material that would satisfy the requirements necessary for aircraft applications.  Use of titanium in military applications began in the 1950's when titanium was first designed into the Douglas X-3 Stiletto.

In it's infancy, titanium accounted for approximately 9% of the weight of a military aircraft, the Phantom F-4 specifically.   As the titanium industry has evolved and the benefits of titanium's material characteristics were successfully tested over time, titanium represented a higher percentage of the weight of a military aircraft.  The F-22 aircraft was comprised of more that 39% titanium.  The aircraft program that utilized the highest percentage of titanium, although no longer in production, was the SR-71 which was 90% titanium.

Products used in this application include:

Bar, Billet, Block, Plate, Sheet, Tubing